Are you a leader who wants to achieve 10x results?

Mudit Saxena CXO Leadership and Mindfulness Coach in India
Mudit Saxena CXO Leadership and Mindfulness Coach in India

Are you Mid-career leader who wants to become a CXO?

Are you a CXO who wants to become even more effective and successful in life and Leadership?

Are you a Start-up Founder who wants to “Scale without Chaos” as you build your unicorn?

Are you a Small Business owner who wants to 10x your business growth?

Do you want to make your Organisation more Productive, Emotionally Intelligent, and Mindful, resulting in improved productivity and employee engagement?

I am Mudit Saxena

CXO Leadership and Mindfulness Coach.

I am on a mission to empower Individuals, teams and organisations to deliver 10x results.

I do this with Leadership, Coaching and Mindfulness solutions based on Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence.

As a CXO who has worked in 5 countries, my interventions are based on real life experience, research into high-performance in business, Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Psychology, Physiology, and more.

I am also recognised amongst India’s best Leadership Coaches.

Here is how we can work together


Sayee Srinivasan Chief Economist & Head of Research at American Bankers Association, USA

“I found Mudit's approach very insightful as he combined neuroscience with attention training by focusing on breath awareness.”

Sethu Ramaswamy Managing Director, Standard Chartered bank Dubai

“His corporate background helped him understand the challenges and problems of present-day corporate executives & I found his sessions to be extremely useful.”

Samdarshi Sumit President Director and CEO at PFI Mega Life, Indonesia

"Self-Awareness made me realise the impact I had as a leader."

Divya Co-founder& CEO Lets Localise, UK

"I found Mudit inspiring, & he has helped me transform to become a better version of myself. I recommend him."

AJ Lamba Entrepreneur, Canada

“As my Coach Mudit helped me build
my business.”

Rakesh IBM, South Africa

“Mudit has helped me perform better in my Leadership role.”

Kala Subramanium Director & COO, ENAM Asset Management, (Singapore) Pvt.Ltd

“I have been following Mudit on Linked in and all his sessions are very good. He makes the session interesting and interactive.”

Paul Sebastian Entrepreneur, Malaysia

“Mudit’s program helped me declutter the brain and helped me focus on vision, purpose and

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