What do Steve Jobs , Bill Gates and Eric Schmidt have in Common ?

Steve Jobs, Co-founder & CEO of Apple
Marc Benioff, Founder, Chairman, CEO of Salesforce.com
Eric Schmidt, Ex CEO, Google
Roger Enrico, Ex CEO, Pepsi
Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft
Brian C. Cornell, Chairman & CEO, Target Corporation

ALL of them had a COACH !

You might be wondering , why would they need coaches ? After all, they are CEOs of established fortune 500 companies. What could a coach possibly do for them ? What could  a coach possibly teach them?

A coach doesn’t necessarily teach anything ! Surprised ? but every CEO /CXO could benefit from a trusted partner as its lonely at the top! Someone you could bounce ideas with, someone who is professionally trained to  help you get clarity , someone who could give you another perspective.

Why do CEOs/CXOs need an Executive Coach?

The role of a CEO/CXO can be both exhilarating and overwhelming, with countless decisions to make, teams to lead, and stakeholders to satisfy. Even the most accomplished CEOs /CXOs can benefit from an executive coach. Here’s why:
The Benefits of Executive Coaching:
Investing in executive coaching can yield numerous advantages for CEO’s/CXO’s
    • 1. Strategic Vision:An executive coach can help you create a compelling vision for your organisation, aligning your team and stakeholders toward shared goals
    • 2. Enhanced Decision-making: Develop a structured approach to making decisions, considering multiple factors and potential outcomes with clarity and confidence.
    • 3. Gain Fresh Perspectives: An executive coach provides an objective viewpoint, unencumbered by internal politics or biases, enabling you to see situations from different angles and uncover new opportunities.
    • 4. Accelerate Leadership Growth: With tailored guidance, you can develop essential leadership skills, enhance emotional intelligence, and expand your ability to navigate the challenges that arise at the highest levels of leadership.
    • 5. Overcome Limiting Behaviours: We all have blind spots that can hinder our growth. An executive coach helps you recognize and address these behaviours, replacing them with more effective approaches that drive success
    • 6. Confidentiality and Trust: An executive coaching relationship is built on confidentiality, trust, and respect, providing a safe space to discuss sensitive issues, personal and professional, without fear of judgment.


Sunil Bhatia CEO Infogain USA

“Mudit is excellent at Executive Coaching . His expertise lies in his “C- Suite” experience in addition to being professionally certified as an ICF- PCC Coach. .”

Sethu Ramaswamy Managing Director, Standard Chartered bank Dubai

“His corporate background helped him understand the challenges and problems of present-day corporate executives & I found his sessions to be extremely useful.”

Sayee Srinivasan Chief Economist & Head of Research at American Bankers Association, USA

“I found Mudit's approach very insightful as he combined neuroscience with attention training by focusing on breath awareness.”

Kala Subramanium Director & COO, ENAM Asset Management, (Singapore) Pvt.Ltd

“I have been following Mudit on Linked in and all his sessions are very good. He makes the session interesting and interactive.”

Rakesh IBM, South Africa

“Mudit has helped me perform better in my Leadership role.”

Executive Coaching can be invaluable in various scenarios:

  • 1. Transitioning into a New Role: When stepping into a CEO/CXO position or moving between organisations, coaching can support a smooth transition and equip you with the necessary tools to excel.
  • 2. Challenging Business Environments:
  • In times of uncertainty or crisis, an executive coach can be a steadying force, helping you navigate uncharted waters and emerge stronger.
  • 3. Leadership Development: As a CEO/CXO, continuous growth is essential. Executive coaching provides ongoing support to nurture your leadership skills at every stage of your career.
  • 4. Succession Planning: In preparation for future leadership transitions, executive coaching can help CEOs/CXOs groom potential successors and ensure a smooth handover of responsibilities.
  • 5. Conflict Resolution: When facing internal conflicts or challenges with stakeholders, an executive coach can assist in managing difficult conversations and finding constructive resolutions that align with the CEO’s/CXOs vision and values.
  • 6. Improving Team Dynamics: Executive coaching can extend to working with the CEO’s senior leadership team, promoting better collaboration, trust, and synergy among top executives, which can have a positive cascading effect throughout the organisation.
  • 7. Enhancing Strategic Thinking: An executive coach can help CEOs/CXO’s sharpen their strategic vision, set long-term goals, and devise actionable plans to achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage.
  • 8. Personal Development and Self-Awareness: Executive coaching delves into self-awareness and personal growth, empowering CEOs/CXO’s to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and core values, fostering authentic and effective leadership.

Why work with me ?

Mindful - Cover_page-0001

Like you, I have been a CXO who has worked in 5 countries with CEOS and boards so I understand your world and challenges. Today I am an award winning International CXO  Coach. I have worked with CXOs and leaders across the globe . As an ICF -PCC coach, an executive coach trained by John Mattone (coach to Steve Jobs), and a Gold standard facilitator by Blair Singer, I empower leaders, teams, and organisations to achieve 10x results.

I achieve this through Executive, Business, and Team coaching, leadership interventions, and mindfulness solutions based on neuroscience and emotional intelligence. I integrate science, wisdom, and practical tools to enable leaders to achieve material success and live a holistic life.

Here is How We get Started.

The Executive Coaching Process:

  • 1. Initial Assessment: We begin with an initial chemistry session to understand your expectations and needs
  • 2. Goal Setting: Together, we establish specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound (SMART) goals that align with your vision for personal and organisational success.
  • 3. Coaching Sessions: Regular one-on-one coaching sessions provide a structured platform to explore challenges, set action plans, and discuss progress.

My Clients are From

My Clients Work for these Companies

Some of the Designations of my Clients

CXOs (CTO’s, CIO’s, CFO’s, CISO’s)
Startup Founders
Business Owners
Managing Director
Global Heads
IT Director,
Head of Data
Director-Customer Experience
Global Engagement Manager
Director Engineering
Head of IT
Principal/Senior Data Scientists
Vice President – Revenue Operations
Senior Director
Director- Product Management
Head strategic sourcing
Head of technology- e-commerce

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