CXO Program

  • Empowering you to become a CXO and 3X your income
  • 5 step process to help you transform
  • Group Coaching format
  • Ask CXOs career advice at the Life and Leadership show

Do you aspire to become a CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, CDO, CISO, CFO, CHRO, CMO or any other role beginning with a “C” ( CXO/C suite role) ?

In the words of Marshall Goldsmith, “What got you here. won’t get you there “

Can you identify with any of these concerns ?


If you do identify with any of the above the CXO Program is meant for you . I am on a mission to empower a Million Leaders to be become CXO’s.

  1. You don’t know what it takes to get to the CXO/C suite levels.
  2. You struggle with navigating organisational dynamics like e.g., conflict, politics.
  3. You are technically skilled but don’t know what it takes to be a senior leader.
  4. You are experienced but nobody knows you beyond your team/company.
  5. You lack executive communication and presentation skills.
  6. You are unable to influence people with your ideas.
  7. You work hard but are not getting promoted to the next level.
  8. You know a lot but are unable to speak up in meetings.
  9. You want to work internationally, earn a dollar salary, and aspire to give your children an education you did not get (International/world class) but don’t know how to get an international assignment.
  10. You want freedom from an “EMI life” i.e., living Salary to Salary !

Who is CXO program for ?

  1. Leaders in the Corporate world
  2. Startup Founders/leaders who would like to build their leadership skills.
  3. Business Owners who would like to build their leadership skills.

What do you learn ?


(For Mid-career Corporate Leaders)

Learn 3 secrets to become a CXO.
Get promoted with a 3x Salary

(Without experiencing failure, regret, trial and error )

Mudit Saxena CXO Leadership and Mindfulness Coach in India

3 secrets to become a CXO

(even if you are not an engineer or did not go to IIT or IIM)

What you will learn

Secret 1

Learn what is required to get promoted after you become a Mid-career manager. What does senior management / CEO look for to promote you.

Secret 2

Learn the neuroscience of success. How to get over Self-doubt and Limiting beliefs  by leveraging your brain to create your success

Secret 3

How to get Noticed, Recognized, Heard, Followed and Create Impact so it differentiates you from your colleagues.


6 Steps to become a Global CXO

( I am attaching a power point to give you an idea but build a proper process diagram to reflect that. Do not copy paste what I have given you)


Discover what is required to get promoted to the CXO/C suite level. Discover the skills required at that level. Discover yourself. Discover what your strengths, weaknesses and values are. Discover your purpose and what truly matters to you.


Transform to become a CXO/C suite . Transform your thoughts, behaviour, habits to perform at world class levels. Transform to become a Global Corporate Athlete. Transform to become a Global CXO


Learn and thrive at navigating organisation dynamics. Thrive at work by dealing with peers and bosses. Thrive by learning how to build a growth mindset and dealing with change and uncertainty. Thrive at dealing with Conflict and navigating Politics at work.


Build your Personal and Executive Brand. Learn the steps and best practices to build your presence online . Build your thought leadership and influence. Learn to build your Executive Presence. Learn to speak , act and dress in a way that builds confidence


Are you aware of the unpublished job market ?. 80% of senior roles are never advertised. Learn the process of attracting senior roles within and outside your company.


Learn the skills required to grow within your organisation and within or outside your industry.

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