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Are you a Leader aspiring to be a CXO? then this article is for you. Congratulations on reaching where you are in your journey. You are now poised to take that leap into the executive level, but as you may know, a corporate career is like a pyramid, and it keeps getting narrower as you move up.

If you think you are ready to become a CXO, check your score with the Global CXO Quiz Everyone at your level has an education, works hard and is aspiring to get to the next level. So, what is going to separate you from the rest?

You need a partner to guide you in your ascent to reach the pinnacle of your career. Someone who has climbed the corporate ladder and been a CXO himself. Someone who can help you with your blind spots and get you there quicker, so you avoid making mistakes. As a former CXO, professionally certified (ICF-PCC) and John Mattone (coach to Steve Jobs) certified executive coach, I have helped thousands across the world and can help you too.

If you are a leader who wants to earn more and become a CXO faster, then click here to learn about my Global CXO Program.

If you are a CXO and would like to explore ways to excel and feel that I can help, kindly book an appointment for a free discovery call.
7 ways to be identified as  a Potential Global CXO/C-Suite

Aspiring to join the C-suite is a commendable goal, and being identified as a potential CXO requires a mix of skills, experience, and strategic behaviour.

  1. Develop Strategic Vision and Execution 🧠

Leaders  who can think strategically and execute effectively have a high chance of being noticed. According to Harvard Business School, strategic vision involves understanding market trends, anticipating changes, and aligning organisational goals accordingly. Execution, on the other hand, means translating these visions into actionable plans.

Action Steps:

  • Engage in strategic planning sessions and contribute your insights.
  • Work on projects that align with the company’s long-term goals.
  • Continuously evaluate and adjust your strategies based on performance metrics.
  1. Enhance Your Leadership Capabilities 🦸‍♂️🦸‍♀️

Leadership is more than managing a team; it’s about inspiring and motivating others. Stanford research emphasizes transformational leadership, which involves creating a shared vision and empowering your team to achieve it.

Action Steps:

  • Seek feedback from your team and peers to improve your leadership style.
  • Take on mentorship roles to develop others while honing your leadership skills.
  • Lead by example, demonstrating integrity, resilience, and a strong work ethic.
  1. Excel in Communication and Influence 🗣️
  Effective communication and the ability to influence stakeholders are crucial for aspiring CXOs. MIT Sloan Management Review highlights that leaders who excel in communication can align their team’s efforts with organisational goals and drive collective success. Action Steps:
  • Practice clear, concise, and persuasive communication.
  • Develop active listening skills to understand and address the concerns of others.
  • Build relationships with key stakeholders and learn to influence without authority.
  1. Showcase Cross-Functional Expertise 🔄
  Being a well-rounded leader means having a comprehensive understanding of various functions within your organisation. Harvard Business School emphasises the importance of cross-functional knowledge in leadership roles. Action Steps:
  • Take on projects that involve collaboration between different departments.
  • Seek rotational assignments to gain diverse experiences.
  Develop a strong understanding of how different functions contribute to the organisation’s
  1. Focus on Strategic Problem Solving 🧩
  Strategic leaders are excellent problem solvers who tackle complex issues with innovative solutions. Stanford research highlights the importance of strategic problem-solving skills for potential CXOs. Action Steps:
  • Volunteer for high-stakes projects that require critical thinking and problem-solving.
  • Develop a systematic approach to identifying and addressing problems.
  • Use Data analytics to inform and support your solutions.
  1. Engage in Thought Leadership 💡
Becoming a thought leader in your industry can significantly boost your visibility and credibility. MIT Sloan Management Review points out that thought leadership is a key differentiator for high-potential leaders. Action Steps:
  • Publish articles or whitepapers on industry-related topics.
  • Speak at conferences, webinars, and industry events.
  • Share your insights and experiences on professional platforms like LinkedIn.
  1. Drive Digital Transformation 📊
Understanding and leading digital initiatives is increasingly important in today’s tech-driven world. MIT research points to digital literacy as a vital skill for future leaders. Action Steps:
  • Stay informed about the latest digital trends and technologies.
  • Lead or participate in digital transformation projects within your organization.
Encourage a culture of digital innovation and agility.
  1. You have 2 choices. If you are someone who would like to move up in your career and are getting overlooked for promotions, you can try and learn on your own whilst wasting a lot of time. Or it’s time to get yourself a strategic Global CXO coach. Someone who has been a CXO in real life and is certified globally (ICF-PCC).

    If you are a leader who wants to earn more and become a CXO faster, then click here to know about my Global CXO Program.

    If you are a CXO and would like to explore ways to excel and feel that I can help, kindly book an appointment for a free discovery call.

    Mudit Saxena

    Global CXO Leadership Coach 🌍


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