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Are Playing 'The Long Game' in Your Global CXO Journey ?

Are you a Leader aspiring to be a CXO? then this article is for you. Congratulations on reaching where you are in your journey. You are now poised to take that leap into the executive level, but as you may know, a corporate career is like a pyramid, and it keeps getting narrower as you move up.

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Everyone at your level has an education, works hard and is aspiring to get to the next level. So, what is going to separate you from the rest?

You need a partner to guide you in your ascent to reach the pinnacle of your career. Someone who has climbed the corporate ladder and been a CXO himself. Someone who can help you with your blind spots and get you there quicker, so you avoid making mistakes. As a former CXO, professionally certified (ICF-PCC) and John Mattone (coach to Steve Jobs) certified executive coach, I have helped thousands across the world and can help you too.

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In the relentless pursuit of executive excellence, it’s easy to get caught in the here and now, focusing solely on immediate results As a Global CXO Coach, I endorse Dorie Clark’s approach to career progression and leadership development .— one that’s strategic, deliberate, and forward-thinking.. In this article, let’s explore how playing ‘The Long Game’ is essential for those of you who are charting a course to the C-suite.

The Strategic Mindset of ‘The Long Game’: “The Long Game” isn’t about quick wins; it’s about understanding the value of patience and persistence on your journey to the top. It’s about laying the groundwork for future success and not being swayed by short-term setbacks or the lure of instant gratification.


Direct Career Advice:

Set Long-Term Goals: Establish clear, long-term professional objectives that guide your actions and decisions. Where do you see yourself in five, ten, or twenty years?

Invest in Your Development: Prioritise activities that contribute to your growth, even if the payoff isn’t immediate. This could mean investing in further education, developing new skills, or building strategic relationships.

Building Your Platform: The power of creating a personal brand and thought leadership platform is part of ‘The Long Game.’ In the digital age, this is particularly salient for aspiring CXOs, as it’s not just about what you know, but who knows what you know.

Direct Career Advice:

Thought Leadership: Share your expertise through speaking engagements, writing, or social media. Establish yourself as a go-to expert in your field.

Personal Branding: Be intentional about how you present yourself professionally, online and offline. Your personal brand should reflect your career aspirations and leadership style.

Networking and Relationship Building: A significant part of playing ‘The Long Game’ involves nurturing a robust network. Strong relationships are a pillar of long-term career success, providing support, insight, and opportunities.


Direct Career Advice:

Cultivate Meaningful Relationships: Move beyond transactional networking. Seek to build genuine connections that provide mutual value over time.

Give Back: Look for opportunities to support others in your network. The principle of reciprocity is powerful and can lead to unanticipated opportunities.

Consistent Re-evaluation and Adaptation: Consistently re-evaluate your path and the willingness to adapt. This iterative process ensures that your trajectory towards the C-suite remains aligned with the evolving business landscape and your personal growth.

Global CXO 90-day challenge.

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Direct Career Advice:

Regular Check-ins: Periodically review your career plan. Are your actions moving you towards your long-term goals?

Stay Agile: Be prepared to pivot your strategy based on new information, shifting market conditions, or changes in your personal aspirations.

Are you prepared to commit to ‘The Long Game’ for your career? If you’re ready to embrace the strategies that will propel you towards the C-suite with intention and foresight, let’s connect. Together, we can create a tailored plan that leverages your unique strengths and positions you for enduring success.

You have 2 choices. If you are someone who would like to move up in your career and are getting overlooked for promotions, you can try and learn on your own whilst wasting a lot of time. Or it’s time to get yourself a strategic Global CXO coach. Someone who has been a CXO in real life and is certified globally (ICF-PCC).

If you are a leader who wants to earn more and become a CXO faster, then click here to know about my Global CXO Program.

You may enjoy some of our earlier issues of the newsletter.

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