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Welcome to the quiz. You have made the right decision if you are interested in becoming a Leader/CXO.

Discover whether you are ready to become a Leader/CXO.
Rank yourself on a score of 1 to 10 ( 1 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest ). There are 5 questions and it takes 5- 10 mins max to answer the questions. Just answer what comes naturally to you.

1. Aware

a) I am aware that my role as a manager is different from that of a Leader/CXO

b) I aware of what my CEO expects from me as a CXO.

c) I am aware of my own purpose in life

d) I am aware of my strengths , values and what is important to me in life ?

e) I am aware of warning signs that will tell me when I need to make a job or career change, and are ready to do what's necessary if and when those signs present themselves

2. Transform

a) I am doing well in all areas of my life like finance, career, relationships, professional development, health, recreation, spirituality

b) I have clear goals in all the above areas and have plans to achieve my next year goals

c) I have good habits and do what I have to do whether I feel like it or not

d) I eat healthily, get good sound sleep for at least 7 hours a day and feel energetic every day ?

e) I review my goals every week, month and quarter.

3. Thrive

a) I know how to manage politics at work

b) I know how to build a high performing teams

c) I understand my boss’s style of work and I have a great working relationship with him

d) If there is a vacant role within my organization, I am confident of being promoted to it

e) I have a great network within my organization and outside who can help me becomes a Leader/CXO

4. Influence

a) I speak well, make great presentations and get approvals for my work

b) I have a very good updated profile on social media especially Linked in

c) I have great “Executive presence” (make my presence felt in meetings)

d) I am good at influencing people around me

e) I have good relationships with senior executives and mentors within the industry

5. Attract

a) I get called (interview) for a position within or outside my company once in 6 months

b) I am aware of the latest trends and opportunities that are available in my industry

c) I am known as a specialist in solving a particular problem in my industry

d) I have been identified as a successor to my boss

e) I am invited to speak at conferences in my industry or outside

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