Leadership starts with the mind

Why Leadership Starts With The Mind?

The mind creates our behaviour. Our behaviour shapes the people we lead. And our people create our culture, determining our organization’s performance.
(Source : The Mind of the Leader, Harvard Business Press 2018)

Only by understanding ourselves and change from within can we lead our people and lead our organization.

Lead Yourself > Lead Your Team > Lead Your Organization

People-centered organizations are able to truly engage their people because they focus on internal drivers, such as meaningful engagement, connectedness, and feeling valued. This kind of leadership starts with the leader. More specifically, it starts with mind of the leader.

We help them develop as leaders to create high-performance teams and people centred cultures where employees and leaders are more fulfilled and more fully engaged.

A good leader must understand what makes a good life and how to help people find that. A leader’s job is not to provide a pay check and benefits: It’s about helping people be truly happy and find meaning in their jobs and life. When a leader succeeds with this, it unlocks real performance.
(Michael Rennie, Global Leader of Organization Practice, McKinsey & Company)

Leaders are paramount to the success of any organization. Good leaders attract and retain the best talent, and they are able to engage them to achieve extraordinary results.

Mindfulness programs help leaders and employees manage their “minds” and work with empathy in a spirit of teamwork to achieve corporate goals.

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